ACNE is a Creative Consultancy, powered by Deloitte.

We believe in sparking change by blending art and industry. Creativity and business. Heart and head. Culture and tech. Gut and data. By doing so, we strive to be a creative force at the forefront of society.

We are an entrepreneurial collective of creative thinkers and makers. We build brands, create advertising and develop content that captures the imagination. And inspire change.

We are ACNE Amsterdam. Creatively led. Based in business. Executed in excellence.

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We build brands

We create advertising

We develop content

Brands with clear purpose and values people care about, made tangible through a compelling narrative and distinctive visual identity.

Advertising that brings products and services to market with culturally relevant communication to win the heads and hearts of audiences.

Content to tell stories, big or small, in the most engaging way, to the right audience, at the right time, at scale.

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Polestar. Silent in a loud world.

We developed the 2021 global campaign for the Polestar 2. The idea behind this campaign is that when you drive the 100% electric Polestar you don’t have to be loud to stand out. Because the world is loud enough as it is…

IKEA. Balenciaga.

It's not every day you hear about a world-renowned fashion house copying the design of a blue plastic bag. So when Balenciaga did just that, we got together with IKEA and put together a swift response - giving customers some “tips” on how to know that their FRAKTA blue bag is the real deal.

Dazed. Long live our Qweens.

The Royal moment of the year in the UK is the annual speech of Queen Elisabeth. Incorporation with the magazine Dazed, we created a film that seeks to highlight the more urgent and alternative message that the UK needs to hear: Long live our Qweens.

IKEA. Let's relax.

Sharing photos of food on Instagram; some people are more into that than actually enjoying the food. As the global concept for IKEA centered around life in the kitchen, we tapped into this global behavior. Through questioning whether it has all gone a bit too far by placing the phenomena in the 17th century. After all, it’s a meal, not a competition.

Polestar. The human car.

As the lead agency for Polestar, we are responsible for building this disruptive new car brand. For the launch of the Polestar 2, the first car in the world with a built-in Google Android system, we showed the world the human side of a Polestar.

Instagram. Global social boost.

Our assignment by Instagram was to attract more users to join the platform and for existing users to use it more frequently. We built a global creative data-driven growth engine which became one of the most successful campaigns by Instagram to date.

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