Welcome to Deloitte Netherlands!

Congratulations on this next step in your career! You are about to be part of the #1 professional services firm in the Netherlands, with more than 7,000 colleagues in the Netherlands and over 350,000 colleagues worldwide.

We are excited you are joining us. At Deloitte, it's the curiosity, knowledge and the sense of personal purpose of our people that make us the firm we are. So be yourself. Explore, challenge and collaborate. Only together, we can make an impact that really matters.

During the Deloitte Introduction Day, we will share more about our purpose, strategy and shared values. But before we dive into that, we already want to give you a glimpse of our various initiatives, our communities and your new colleagues.

We look forward to meeting you!

Also on behalf of our Executive Committee,

Hans Honig (CEO), Liesbeth Mol (CQO) & Oscar Snijders (COO)


How green are we?

When you visit the Deloitte office, you will most likely run into these QR codes. Scan it and find out right then and there what’s so sustainable about that particular spot at our office!


We all have a KeepCup to limit the mountains of disposable paper cups we use drinking coffee and tea.

You will receive yours at the Deloitte Introduction Day, so you can drink your first cup of coffee at the office in style!

Sustainability Curriculum

On CURA, our learning platform, you will find our Sustainability Learning Curriculum. It will support you in your day-to-day discussions and engagements with clients and colleagues in the field of sustainability. In the spring, you can join one of the many learning opportunities and webinars during our annual Sustainability Week!

Deloitte Impact Foundation

Through our Deloitte Impact Foundation, you can make an impact that matters by leveraging your core competencies, knowledge and network to help address some of society’s most challenging problems, next to the impact we make on society through our client work. The focus is on three themes: WorldClass, Sustainability and Inclusive Society.

To learn more, visit makeanimpact.nl

'To participate in meaningful projects that have been initiated by your very own colleagues, it offers a unique opportunity to contribute and learn. Collectively, you contribute to a better society, now and in the long run.'

Coen Persijn

'You can make a positive impact on those in need by using your unique knowledge and expertise!'

Chelsea Meijers

Inclusion & Diversity

Deloitte is committed to become a more inclusive and diverse firm. So how do we make sure Deloitte is becoming a more inclusive place to work?

Speak Up

Deloitte Speak Up is a service through which to report actual or suspected misconduct or raise any ethics-related queries, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Confidential and, when requested, anonymous. We can all face difficult situations which challenge our values and our adherence to the Code of Conduct. We would like to underline the value and importance of consultation, and the people you can turn to for help.

Flexible Public Holiday You have the freedom to swap two designated public holidays for holidays that are of meaning to your religious beliefs and/or cultural background and that are important to you.

Panel & Proposal Promise The Panel and Proposal promise commits to having a mix of 40% men, 40% women and 20% of an underrepresented group on speaker panels for internal and external events, and the same mix within the proposal team for must-win bids.

Hilary Richters, initiator Panel & Proposal promise

Leave for Rainbow families The Dutch government currently  does not acknowledge more than two legal parents. For parents in multi-parent households or for parents with a baby through surrogacy, leave related to parenthood can therefore be limited. At Deloitte, we acknowledge all parents. Therefore, we have more extensive policies than the rights defined in the legal framework, accommodating rainbow families. 

With the phrase 'rainbow families', all family forms other than the traditional 1 biological father + 1 biological mother families are meant.

Gender Transition Support We recognize that not every individual identifies with the gender that was assigned to them at birth and for some, that this may result in the decision to transition. We support colleagues through this significant period in their life through our gender transition support policy.

Our Inclusion & Diversity communities

To create a workplace where everyone has equal opportunities, can be their authentic selves and feels empowered to approach their jobs in ways that fit with how their minds, brains and thought processes work, we have four active communities: Deloitte Women's Network, our LGBTQ+ network, Cultural Diversity Network and our Neurodiversity Network.

Deloitte Women's Network 'We represent the voice of women* and emphasise inclusiveness for a more diverse workforce​. Check out the video to see how we celebrated International Women's Day 2022!'

*Everyone that identifies with this gender

Deloitte LGBTQ+ community

'We strongly believe in an inclusive culture where people can put maximum energy into making an impact on their clients and working on their personal development, without putting energy into being someone who they not really are.'

Deloitte Neurodiversity Network

'We celebrate the diversity of human brains and minds throughout the year, particularly on Neurodiversity Pride Day in June. When colleagues got to experience what it means to be neurodiverse in our Neurodiversity experience rooms.'

Deloitte FIT

To maintain a healthy work-life balance, physical and mental health is key. Deloitte FIT is there to support you with a holistic well-being approach. From sports activities to well-being webinars, Reaching Peaks and the Deloitte FIT "It’s my Life" app. For the weekly Well-Being Wednesday update, check our internal news app "Daily" when you start!

"It’s my Life" app After the Deloitte Introduction Day, you will have access to all Deloitte apps. You can start earning Fitcoins by staying active and by participating in Deloitte FIT activities and events available in the app. You can exchange your earned Fitcoins for products in the store!

Tip: Check out the statistics in the app to see how you rank compared to your colleagues!

Young Deloitte

​If you are not (yet) a manager and under the age of 35, then you are a Young Deloitter! Each business has its own Young Deloitte Board to represent young professionals and organise fun or educational experiences!

Additionally, the Young Deloitte Council (YDC) represents the Young Professionals of Deloitte and acts as an advisory council. The council provides (unsolicited) advice and acts as a sparring partner of the Executive Board. The Young Deloitte Council involves and engages young professionals and fosters collaboration between the young boards.

Want to innovate?

Deloitte is not only a place to add depth to your expertise but also to build on your creative, entrepreneurial & innovative skills. Daring to try something new is what makes us successful. If you ever have a great new idea or want to try out something that has never been done in your field? Deloitte Innovation is your partner in crime!

Currently, we are exploring Quantum Computing, the Metaverse and visual innovations such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). We look forward to welcoming fellow innovators into our communities called ‘Centers of Expertise’ in which we connect colleagues that are excited about new trends and innovation. Don’t hesitate to join!

Did you know…

... we organised a VisualizeD exhibition at Homebase Festival to inspire our colleagues to use visual innovation (such as VR, AR, computer vision and data visualization) to bring their stories to life? ... we experimented with a 'hybrid working floor’ that showcased the newest technology and innovation to enable connection and collaboration when working hybrid?

It’s never been easier to connect with your colleagues!

Deloitte Neighbour

Looking for a colleague to go on a lunch walk with during your workday at home, or do you want to expand your network? Meet colleagues that live in your neighbourhood by joining Deloitte Neighbour and go for a walk around the block!

Deloitte Roulette

Want to have a lunch of coffee with a colleague that you would not normally cross paths with? Deloitte Roulette adds spontaneity and fun to networking! Sign up as soon as you start at Deloitte and you will be connected to a colleague within no time!


Live from our studio in Amsterdam, we broadcast our bi-annual All-Hands webinar! From inspirational conversations about the work we do, to the latest (strategic) updates and Q&A’s with our leadership. Dialogue is key so make sure to participate!

The Beat Radio

Our Deloitte colleagues change jobs for an afternoon and become the radio hosts of our very own radio show ‘The Beat’. They pick the very best beats to give you some extra energy during your work day! But the DJs also connect you with Deloitte colleagues from all parts of the business, entertain you with radio games and call with special guests!

Homebase Festival

Once a year, we meet up with all Deloitters from across Deloitte Netherlands at Deloitte Homebase. To connect with each other, have fun and unwind, to participate in experiences and activities around our key topics, strategy and brand, and to enjoy time spent together in person!

Did you know… all food at the first edition of our Deloitte Homebase Festival was plant-based? By opting for an all plant-based menu, we estimated a reduction of 87% in CO2 emissions compared to a meat-based menu. This is how we limit the environmental impact of our own events and drive responsible climate choices within our firm!

DeLaRisk Band

They turn every event into a festive party. With eight colleagues from a variety of businesses, they bring an explosion of energy and enthusiasm. From summer to Christmas parties, from team events to town halls, our DeLaRisk band is there to perform.

Who’s in the band? Pieter van Dusseldorp and Hokkie Blogg rock the guitar, Youssef ElSayed plays the bass, Danny Tinga is on the drums and Sem de Spa, Maartje Lavrijssen and Marianne Ploegaert are the lead vocalists.

Tips & Tricks

What advice would our colleagues give themselves when they look back on their first day at Deloitte?


‘My first day at Deloitte I went to the office dressed quite formally and in heels, while I think it’s uncomfortable walking in heels. When I entered the office the whole team looked amazing, while dressed in jeans and sneakers. My tip: check the dress code with your manager beforehand, it could save you a lot of blisters.’


‘Take time to get to know the people around you and those you will work with, also in other departments. Deloitte is a big firm and you’ll get to know it the fastest by connecting with your colleagues.’


‘My tip is to download the Deloitte FIT app as soon as you start at Deloitte! With this app, you can participate in fun (sport) events where you meet other Deloitters. I participated in the Deloitte summer hockey competition, registered for the Dam tot Damloop with other colleagues and I have saved several gift cards!'


'Wherever you start within Deloitte, there are lots of opportunities for you to grow, learn and develop yourself. However, the even greater thing about Deloitte is the people: diverse, ambitious and fun. I realized that I have made the biggest steps in my own development when I was having a good time with my colleagues. So invest in making friends, creating memories, and sharing your learnings with each other. It will last a long way.'


‘When I started at Deloitte, I noticed that all my colleagues were very open and always willing to help me out with anything. This really helped me to get to know Deloitte as a company and made it much easier to learn from others, even during the work-from-home era of the COVID-19 pandemic. So my advice would be: to ask all the questions you may have, your new colleagues will be happy to help!'


‘My tip is to ask questions! It sounds obvious, but it really is the only way to get to know the organization and your colleagues. There is no such thing as a silly question. Pro-tip: write down your questions during the day and plan a recurring meeting in which you can ask your buddy/colleague/manager several questions “in one go”. It’s more efficient and gives the feeling there is room and time for this.’

My Benefits My Choice (MBMC)

As soon as you start at Deloitte, your total reward package and your personal benefits can be found in the My Benefits My Choice portal*. It also gives you a complete overview of what Deloitte offers, from extra leave to a bicycle plan or a monthly payment of your flexible benefits budget.

*colleagues with an employment contract

'Watch the video to see how it works and definitely take a look once you have started at Deloitte!' - Luca

Our offices in the Netherlands

Besides more than 7.000 work-from-home offices, we're looking forward to meeting you on one of our locations across the Netherlands!

Tip from Ward: 'Work with a view! Our Rotterdam office is the official headquarters and one of the best features of our HQ can be found all the way up. If you are at the Rotterdam office, take the elevator and check it yourself: the view from the 44th floor!'