Meet our newest Partners!

It's with great pleasure that we introduce the new Partners of Deloitte Netherlands as of June 1st, 2022.

Each of their stories is unique, but there is one thing they all have in common: feeling the responsibility to build a better, more inclusive and connected firm.

Read their stories and feel free to connect with them!

Audit & Assurance

Wiel Moonen

‘I enjoy watching people grow and being challenged to step out of their comfort zone. In addition, it’s important to me to sincerely understand things and see through why people do certain things.’

Chris Nanne

‘New opportunities and gaining new experiences to further learn and grow are inspiring to me. I look forward to the audit of the next iconic multinational listed clients now that the audit rotations are upon us.’

Ruud Hermans

‘Not only will I live and breathe the culture of a learning organisation, through my own engagements and within my own community, I will also lead the team responsible for causal factor or root cause analysis. Making a mistake is not a problem as long as we learn from it.’

Niels van de Koppel

‘I am able to combine my natural interest in technology with my work, and that is what makes me proud to work for Deloitte. In my new role I am thrilled to contribute to making our business even more sustainable by focussing on crucial topics: innovation and analytics.’

Joost van den Akker

‘I am a team builder and always have an eye out to see if everyone is feeling included. It’s very important that we ensure our people feel valued and enjoy what they are doing, so in deciding which clients we want to serve, the ‘fun factor’ is a KPI we need to apply very strongly.’


Bram Lentz

‘At Deloitte, I pursued my passion for customer strategy, solving strategic puzzles with a customer-centric approach. I look forward to continue this journey, to support our clients and to lead and help people to reach their full potential.’

Heike Dekker-Schäch

‘These experiences laid the foundation for how I was raised and want to work with others: respect for the human – not background or position, a mindset of equal treatment and never giving up in times of set-back.’

Onno Kievit

‘I’m thrilled with how communication technologies can change the world and connect people in different ways. And there is still so much ahead of us (5G, Web 3.0, the metaverse etc.). I want to closely work with our clients to enable people and society to connect better, in more meaningful ways, with stronger control over their private data.’

Erwin Heukels

‘My drive to build a humane world is a shared effort, as I believe that people can truly mean something for one another. The ultimate objective for me personally is to improve security and trust in our society’s financial system, as well as the individuals relying on it for their financial health.’

David Ruis

‘My broad international experience and expertise has led me to believe that teamwork and trust are key to success in everybody’s personal and professional life. They allow us to achieve our ambitions.’

Michiel Junge

‘I consider it my mission to make procurement awesome – and by that I mean moving the focus of procurement at our clients from costs and process facilitation to top-line value. Being a (Business Chemistry®) Pioneer, I want to make a change, make things better in everything I do, exploring ideas that might seem crazy to begin with’

Joep Dekkers

‘I’m driven by working in different settings with multidisciplinary and diverse teams, consisting of highly skilled and talented people having fun on a journey toward a common goal and purpose.’

Matthijs Boom

‘ I combine my energy and entrepreneurial sense to create propositions that excite. My personal purpose is to live an active and healthy life, and naturally, it’s very closely connected to my professional purpose to influence the social determinants of health for Dutch citizens to live a healthy life.’

Rasit Tastepe

‘What inspires me? People! Sometimes it is our young talent, challenging us with their bold ideas. Sometimes it is a deep client relationship that thrives on genuine interest in each other. Sometimes it is a selfless mentor with great passion for our people. Sometimes it is a close friend or family member, acting as a mirror to help me self-reflect.’

Financial Advisory

Bregje Huesmann

‘I enjoy working with diverse teams and highly appreciate team members who are comfortable challenging my ideas or actions, as that helps us deliver better end products. I aim to continue to contribute in making Deloitte a place where people are challenged to use their talents to achieve their full potential.’

Ellen Bisseling

‘Making an impact as a forensic auditor and performing investigations focusing on financial and green crime with due care and integrity, is linked to my personal purpose to assist in making society a bit safer. I’ve learned during my career that doing the work I love, with a great, energetic team, is what makes me jump out of bed with a smile every morning.’

Ingrid Wegkamp

‘My leadership style is more centred on empowering others to make decisions, paying attention to diversity of thought and psychological safety, with a focus on team cohesion. By sharing knowledge and experience with each other, spotting opportunities together and granting them to each other, we can learn from each other, but also grow together.’

Risk Advisory

Danny Tinga

‘I’m inspired by moving into uncharted territory with great people. There are a number of societal developments that I feel passionate about. Polarisation, resilient society, climate change and the challenges in the broader safety and security domain is something that we – as a society – really need to improve on.’

Sebastiaan Payne

‘I hope to contribute to better care. What excited me the most to join the Dutch firm, was the invitation to help steer the growth of the Dutch LSHC practice, support in a major acquisition and, as part of our LSHC team, shape our practice and firm.’

Miranda Beukenkamp

‘I hope to grow the community of committed, dedicated and diverse risk professionals. I’m inspired by working with all the diverse talent, with their fresh perspectives and everlasting energy and drive in serving our clients in the best way… it’s what makes you want to go the extra mile.’

Peter Schaap

‘I have a very inquisitive nature and a very broad interest. I find inspiration in exploring new skills and technologies and connecting these to new value cases for our clients. I will challenge the team to look forward and explore new off-the beaten path solutions to stay relevant. ’

Ron Hakvoort

‘I’m fuelled by my interest in the way technology can support and enable businesses. I’d like to leave a solid legacy of a future-proof practice that can respond to future technology developments within the responsible business context.’

Tax & Legal

Sebastian Spauwen

‘I am a rock climber, for sport and at work: pushing my limits, looking for the most efficient way forward and always believing that I can make a success out of every situation. Finding a solution in the complexity of all kinds of fields is what I can do best.’

Saskia Bot

‘I embrace new ways of doing things because they are usually aimed at improvement, development and progress, and this is what I articulate.’ 

Jelle Bas Boon

‘I give team members all the freedom they can handle to operate. Sometimes a bit more – to stretch them and get them out of the comfort zone and into the learning zone. I am not the kind of leader who tells people what to do; our people are so talented.’

Anne-Marie van den Belt

‘The human part of business inspires me most. Without capable and sufficient people, a business cannot run properly. It gives me great satisfaction to contribute to Deloitte being a diverse and inclusive organization where people love to work.’

Slavko Savanovic

‘Sometimes you need to step back to get closer. If you step back, you will get a better overview, enabling you to give more thought to how best to achieve your goals.’

Arjan Fundter

'At the end of the day, it’s all about connection for me. The interaction with others and the ability to help both drives and inspires me.'

Internal Services

Wietske Tol

'My focus will be on striving to make an impact as an independence expert and transformation leader, to guide professionals to the right independence answer, allowing us to service clients while protecting the brand.'

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