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It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you our twenty-two new partners. Read their introductions below to connect with them. Who knows what impact lies ahead?

Dear colleagues,

It makes me feel proud and optimistic about the future to see all of these colleagues and welcome them to our partner team, and to congratulate them with their promotion. They have experienced an intense and challenging promotion process, which they passed with flying colours. It's the crowning achievement after many years of making an impact on their teams and clients. I can imagine what an exciting time this is for all of them and I was happy to read that they celebrated this special moment with their loved ones.

In the introductions below, they have opened up to share their personal stories and their ambitious goals within their new role. Each story is unique, but also expresses something we all have in common: everyone feels the responsibility to build a better, more inclusive and connected Deloitte. I hope their stories will inspire you, as they have inspired me.

I look forward to working with them and to see what impact they will make in their new role.

Also on behalf of Liesbeth and Oscar,


Ritesh Bhushan

INDUSTRY: Energy, resources and industrials

BUSINESS: Consulting

PERSONAL: I love cooking, gardening and playing and watching sports (cricket, tennis).

"In my more than 12–year-long journey with Deloitte, I have always been amazed at the scale of opportunity that our firm provides to make an impact on our people, clients and society at large."

Rene Kartodikromo

INDUSTRY: Financial Services Industry

BUSINESS: Consulting

PERSONAL: I love cooking, reading books and travelling.

"Partnership is about cementing the relationship between myself and Deloitte and a confirmation that we share the ambition to be part of the same future. Towards our people, it means a next step in creating opportunities to help people grow and thrive."

Marquella Hoogervoorst

INDUSTRY: Technology, Media & Telecommunications

BUSINESS: Consulting

PERSONAL: I love traveling with the family and creating memories (often linked to food).

"The key word that comes to mind is stewardship. I feel very strongly that as partners, we have the responsibility to hand over this firm to the future generation in an even better shape than it is today."

Sofian Vuijk

INDUSTRY: Technology, Media & Telecommunications

BUSINESS: Audit & Assurance

PERSONAL: I like going to concerts, attending stand-up comedy shows and dining with my 'food squad'.

"What partnership means for me? Being an inspiring inclusive leader and role model!"

Sharleen Alberga

INDUSTRY: Consumer R

BUSINESS: Risk Advisory

PERSONAL: I'm passionate about gardening, aviation, music and arts. I also have a puppy - he’s called Noble.

"I’m looking forward to contributing to changing Deloitte into a truly inclusive company, in our way of thinking and acting, by simply being myself."

Roald Waaijer

INDUSTRY: Financial Services Industry

BUSINESS: Risk Advisory

PERSONAL: I love running, cycling, swimming and sailing.

"Triathlons are a discipline in which you need to excel at different traits in order to be successful. Making an impact at our clients is very similar, as we will only truly excel if we allow our various disciplines and abilities to flourish."

Wouter van Walbeek

INDUSTRY: Financial Services Industry

BUSINESS: Consulting

PERSONAL: I enjoy reading, sailing, snowboarding and playing soccer. I am passionate about technology, teamwork and achieving results that make an impact!

"Working with and developing our great talent is one of the key reasons for me to be at Deloitte and what make us successful with yearly double digit growth since I joined in 2010."

Vincent Maas

INDUSTRY: Financial Services Industry

BUSINESS: Tax & Legal

PERSONAL: I worked in hospitality in a variety of functions, for instance as a receptionist, bartender, DJ, chef and night porter.

"For me, the partnership comes with a different responsibility. More than ever before, I am not only part of the problem but also part of the solution. It is my primary goal to build an infrastructure segment across industries in T&L and share our knowledge and networks across functions."

Taede Rakhorst

INDUSTRY: Energy, Recourses & Industrials

BUSINESS: Risk Advisory

PERSONAL: I enjoy traveling to the Philippines to visit our family there. Not all places are as safe and stable as Netherlands, but I ask locals to learn more about the place and adapt.

"To me, being a partner means the ability to be more impactful towards our people and create room for them to grow. Besides this, it also allows me bring our firm closer to our clients’ industry core."

Rebecca Pehlivan

INDUSTRY: Energy, Resources & Industrials

BUSINESS: Tax & Legal

PERSONAL: I'm really into (DIY) home renovations.

"Partnership for me means humility, a drive to deliver to the highest standards, accountability towards my team and our clients, but also a lot of fun! With my own personality, background and values, I want to be a role model for others in every aspect."

Lennart Veldhuizen

INDUSTRY: Deloitte Private

BUSINESS: Financial Advisory

PERSONAL: : I love travelling (preferably without preset destination), reading about history and watching my kids discover the world. Further, I am a fan of small, useless historical facts and like reading very short stories,

"I look forward to being part of a team of smart people who are not only in the position but also committed to making a difference for our clients, our communities as well as industries, and Dutch society."

Kim Vrielink

INDUSTRY: Government & Public services

BUSINESS: Consulting

PERSONAL: I love cooking, baking cakes and doing volunteering work with Huntington patients.

"I’m excited to be one of the responsible owners of Deloitte, and about helping to set the future for our company and growing the team and the people."

Karen van Monsjou

INDUSTRY: Government & Public Services

BUSINESS: Consulting

PERSONAL: I love music, books, dinner, friends, festivals and all sports… of which field hockey is my absolute passion.

"For me, partnership means a feeling of (more) trust, entrepreneurship, ownership, responsibility and the power to execute. I’m looking forward to building on our ambitions with the partner team to do impactful projects and grow our talented community."

Joris Schots

INDUSTRY: Consumer

BUSINESS: Consulting

PERSONAL: I’m a passionate musician. I play the bass guitar and I enjoy making music with others which for me is all about creativity, fun and teamwork.

"The secrets of being a great band have quite some similarities with being successful in business. It’s both all about being yourself, listening to each other, and working together to achieve the best possible result."

Jordan Bish

INDUSTRY: Technology, Media and Telecommunications

BUSINESS: Consulting

PERSONAL: , I love playing sports competitively, especially golf and squash. It helps me clear my mind and gives me the daily energy I need. I also love deep sea fishing which I still do with my dad every year, ever since I was 16.

"Working with, developing, retaining and attracting talent is the core of our business and one of the compelling reasons I have been with Deloitte my entire career. This is what distinguishes us from our competition and will allow Deloitte to grow even during these times."

Joost Goesten

INDUSTRY: Financial Services Industry

BUSINESS: Financial Advisory

PERSONAL: I'm a parent of three (age range from 2 to 6). Being part of them growing up and learning all about the world is a big adventure.

"For me, the partnership is not a goal in itself. The bigger ambition and impacts still require continuous effort, teamwork and dedication. Within the partnership however, I expect to carry more responsibility for the team, clients and wider firm."

Hassan Bettani

INDUSTRY: Financial Services IndustryFinancial Services

BUSINESS: Risk Advisory

PERSONAL: I love watching historical documentaries, being involved in “social initiatives”, exploring cultures, playing football and supporting Ajax Football club.

"I am excited to be part of the strategic movement of helping our clients to become more responsible businesses. This also matches my belief of investing in a better society."

Fleurine Mijinke

INDUSTRY: Deloitte Private / Financial Services

BUSINESS: Audit & Assurance

PERSONAL: I like walking, running and biking with family and friends and helping out at the hockey club of the children as a coach and a referee.

"I have been working for Deloitte for more than 15 years and becoming a partner is an honour and a responsibility I am proud to accept."

Emil Kwaaitaal

INDUSTRY: Energy, Resources & Industrials

BUSINESS: Consulting

PERSONAL: I like exploring the unknown and enjoy travelling with my family, windsurfing, skiing, DIY and outdoor life.

"Partnership for me is independent entrepreneurship and the mandate to build a personal portfolio, mixed with the strong brand, leading capabilities, amazing colleagues and great culture that Deloitte brings."

Ellen Nijs

INDUSTRY: Financial Services Industry

BUSINESS: Consulting

PERSONAL: I love spending time with my friends and family. In my spare time I enjoy travelling and exercising - field hockey, RPM and going to the gym.

"I look forward to being part of a strong team and learning from other partners cross-industry and -function, as well as the new opportunities and experiences to enjoy and to further develop myself."

Chris Kinders

INDUSTRY: Energy, Resources & Industrials, Deloitte Private

BUSINESS: Tax & Legal

PERSONAL: . I have a passion for speed: cycling, hockey, skiing, as well as for making fun, friendships and for Zeeland… and I am still driving fast motorcycles.

"Being a Partner means (co)ownership and responsibility of what we all try to achieve as a firm. Being part of that leadership perfectly fits my ambitions and provides the opportunity to further develop our talent and delivery legacy."

Angela de Grauw

INDUSTRY: Technology, Media & Telecommunications

BUSINESS: Financial Advisory

PERSONAL: I truly enjoy travelling with our children, to see the world through their eyes with an open mind and no prejudice.

“I am looking forward to being part of a team to further grow the Deloitte brand whilst developing talented colleagues within Deloitte."

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